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I have listened to our citizens, who are also my neighbors, when they called or requested to meet with me, we discovered that we had the same concerns. I respect the recommendations sent to City Council from our valuable Advisory Boards. These boards are community members which represent a cross section of Naples and express varying viewpoints, all with the same goal however of being good stewards of Naples.

When the community rejected a parking garage my vote reflected that. I listened when you came forward in support of the hotel on Broad and voted Yes! I led the fight when you said protect our Historic District. I am fighting a long hard battle not yet won to clean up all our lakes in the City. Responsibility for the water quality of the lakes in Naples is two fold, part home owners and part City.

I have met with The Conservancy, the Everglades Foundation, U.S. Sugar, FGCU and our Congressman on red tide, blue-green algae and the pollution of Lake O. Work like this never ends but together we can make progress. Action committees and focus groups will continue with all of the aforementioned parties and new ones on the horizon as we push forward to make that difference, not for just ourselves but for generations to come. What must be understood is that our water quality starts in the Orlando basin, flows down the Kissimmee River into Lake O, traveling further south to the Chattahoochee River into the Ft Myers and Cape Coral canals  then into the Gulf. The flow ends in Naples Bay from the Golden Gate canal. Those of us in Naples can fight some of the battle but we need to insist on action in Central Florida if we are ever going to make the needed difference.

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