Safety First for Buxton on City Council

When I discovered that our Naples Police Department, who are entrusted with community safety, didn’t own a “hardened“ vehicle for our SWAT team’s usage I led the charge to change that. In order to protect the Officers as well as our citizens in a hostage or recovery situation this vehicle was imperative for community safety. I am proud to say that this mission was accomplished and is now available.

When the new Naples Fire Station was under consideration and opinions varied on size and configuration, I did my own research to determine what was needed. I fought long and hard to make certain that the structure had adequate space for command staff and an Emergency Operation team. The two story building has the capability to withstand Category 5 winds and is equipped with a state-of-the-art communication system along with a dedicated Emergency Operation Area.

I have spent years working out of the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) in Collier County during every severe storm and hurricane for the last two decades. I saw  firsthand what was required for our County to remain full service to our citizens during those times. After spending the initial time in our old makeshift EOC during the immediate clean up following Irma I emphasized and petitioned for what was needed and necessary for today and in preparation for the future.

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