Improving Water Quality in Naples

The City of Naples and Collier County, is in the process of taking several steps to improve our water and defend against Red Tide and Blue Algae Blooms (H A B).

A new Storm Water project will soon commence.  It is currently in the final permitting stage. In September, a plan to improve the 25 lakes in the city will be brought forth for discussion.

Many oyster beds have been placed in Naples Bay over the last few months, and more are planned in the near future. A single oyster can cleanse 50 gallons of water a day.  These are all very positive steps in protecting our environment.

As I mentioned, in the March Life in Naples editorial, high nutrient levels starting as far away as Orlando feed harmful algae blooms all the way down to our area. This causes real harm to our environment.

Preserving our endangered environment is of critical importance. Our very quality of life here in Collier County depends upon our commitment to protecting our natural resources. Businesses In Naples also recognize that preserving the environment is their best security for the long-term success of their enterprises.

While the County and City are working diligently on cleaning area waterways, it must be remembered much of our water pollution stems form places outside of the city and county’s jurisdiction. That is why your city is committed to supporting legislation which mandates improved environmental practices state wide.

We should all demand that our grandchildren should have the same quality of life that attracted all of us to Collier County in the first place. Nothing less is acceptable. Everyone must participate if we are to achieve this goal. I am optimistic that we are well on our way.

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