Buxton Gets Medical Society Endorsement

The Collier County Medical Society Political Action Committee (PAC) was created to help elect candidates to local and state offices who are aligned with CCMS healthcare advocacy policies. The CCMS PAC solicits voluntary contributions from physicians, their spouses, medical students, and resident physicians to research, interview, and support the election of medicine-friendly candidates.

The CCMS PAC board recently conducted interviews with candidates for Collier County Commissioner Districts 2 and 4 for the upcoming primary election on August 23. The board will make financial contributions to the campaigns of Reg Buxton for District 2, and Penny Taylor (incumbent) and Michelle McLeod for District 4. The District 2 primary is open to registered Republican voters; the District 4 primary is open to all registered voters.* The PAC is also contributing to the campaign of State Senator Kathleen Passidomo.

*Note, Florida is a Closed Primary state. Only voters who are registered members of a political party may vote for their respective party’s candidates in a Primary Election, except in contests in which all candidates have the same party affiliation and will not see opposition during the General Election. Registered voters regardless of party affiliation may vote in those contests. To register to vote or change your party affiliation for the upcoming primary election, do so by July 25. More info >
Collier County Voter Registration >

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