Buxton has proven track record

Letter to the editor, published in the June 22, 2022 Naples Daily News

I am continually impressed with the maturity and depth of leadership Reg Buxton brings to the race for Collier County commissioner, District 2. He was the only candidate to fully and thoughtfully answer all questions the people asked. Reg seldom, if ever, reads answers or his own biography. His experience and expertise have prepared him for this position, so he does not need prompters or notes – he knows!

Collier County needs a servant leader with a proven track record to serve in this position of authority and responsibility! Reg Buxton brings that kind of leadership and servanthood! He has been deeply involved in this community for over 33 years. His service on the nonprofit boards throughout his life underscores his commitment to Naples and Collier County!

I’m going with a proven track record guy who doesn’t have to read to people who he is!
I’m voting for Reg Buxton, Collier County commissioner, District 2!
Alexander Goldstein, Collier County

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