Reg Buxton best for Collier commission

Letter to the Editor, Published in the June 18, 2022 Naples Daily News.

As the candidates for Collier County commissioner District 2 had various opportunities to present their case for election, Reg Buxton clearly leads.

He is the only candidate who has in-depth knowledge of county issues. He already served the public in various capacities and has demonstrated competence, experience and the track record to be our next District 2 commissioner.

Reg has made Collier County his home for 33 years, he knows what is needed, is familiar with the delicate balance of business and residential interests, and has viable ideas for solutions. He also is actively engaged in business and has raised a family here. Reg is the only candidate who fully understands the role of county government, he listens to the public’s concerns and has a proven record of contributing his ideas as a member of a team. He does not use the attention grabbing issues to divert attention to himself, but is genuinely and consistently interested in making our county even better than it already is, without losing what has made and kept it this good.

His opponents clearly lack the depth, expertise, and track record to hit the ground running on day one of public service. They may be good people, but when is that ever enough for public service?

I will vote for the person who will be part of the solution team, not part of the problem and I encourage you to support Reg Buxton for Collier County commissioner of District 2!

Marina Berkovich, Naples

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