Reg Buxton for Collier commission

Published in the June 26, 2022 Letters to the Editor in the Naples Daily News

I have known Reg Buxton, candidate for Collier county commissioner, for many years. Almost weekly we would get together and discuss local, national, and international events. In all that time I never knew the extent of his contributions to our community. Did you know he has served on over 25 boards, councils, and committees? My homework revealed he has served over 130 volunteer years on subjects like schools, mental health, charity, planning boards, and the list goes on.

Collier County needs a leader with a proven track record of going above and beyond what any specific office requires, and Reg Buxton is that person! His service to nonprofit boards over 30 plus years underscores his commitment to Naples and Collier County.

I challenge you to find any other candidate who has exhibited one-tenth of the energy in any volunteer capacity when a political seat wasn’t the prize.
Bruce Buchanan, Naples

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