Dave Trecker, Pelican Bay for Buxton

Letter to the editor, published July 2, 2022 in Naples Daily News

It’s seldom voters have the opportunity to choose someone as well qualified for public office as Reg Buxton, a candidate for District 2 county commissioner.

In addition to a successful career in publishing, Buxton has logged years of community service in Collier County. No other candidate even approaches the government experience Buxton offers, including years on the Naples City Council and service on the North Naples Fire Commission and over 25 civic and advisory boards.

A strong environmentalist, Buxton believes in ‘Smart Growth’ and has the clout to deal with developers. He’s committed to expanding our mental health facilities and has specific ideas for providing more affordable housing, both critical county needs.

We would be fortunate to have Reg Buxton deal with these problems as our next District 2 commissioner.

Dave Trecker, North Naples

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