Don’t Be Fooled By Nancy Lewis’ Claim of No Developer Money

Nancy Lewis campaigns that she doesn’t accept money from developers but a good portion of her funding is from developers and related industries, including real estate professionals, attorneys, architecture, mortgage providers and investment advisors.

These donors made or continue to make money in the development industries in Collier Country.

Her main supporter “Buzz Victor” (legal name Arthur Victor) is a developer with numerous properties in Colorado, Florida, and Collier County, including Panther Lane Commercial Buildings.

You’ll also notice other Colorado development interests investing in Nancy’s campaign. Source: sunbiz. org &

In addition, you can view the documents from Buzz Victors’ Linkedin page and his rerd of development in Collier County below

Buzz Victor’s Linkedin Page

Buzz Victo’s Development Record in Collier County – Yes, it is vast

To view the entire document, click the image below



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