North Collier Professional Fire Fighters & Paramedics Endorse Reg Buxton

The North Collier Professional Firefighters and Paramedics

1.A.F.F. Local 2297

Proclaim our Endorsement of


For Collier County Commissioner District Two:
Whereas, Reg Buxton has demonstrated a steadfast commitment in serving the public; and
Whereas, Reg Buxton has served an integral role in advancing Emergency Response Services in Collier County as former Chairman of the Public Safety Authority of Collier County; and
Whereas, Reg Buxton has recently served as Fire Commissioner of the North Collier Fire Control and
Rescue District; and
Whereas, Reg Buxton, via his voting actions as Fire Commissioner, demonstrated the success of
balancing the interests of all parties in pursuit of common goals for the public welfare; and Whereas, Reg Buxton seeks to continue in his role as an elected public servant of the Citizens Of Collier
County as their Commissioner of District Two (2); NOW, THEREFORE,
BE IT PROCLAIMED, The Men and Women comprising THE NORTH COLLIER PROFESSIONAL FIREFIGHTERS AND PARAMEDICS, have conferred and chosen to have their collective voice be heard, by their endorsement of …

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