Great to Have Strong Support in Pelican Marsh

We hope all of you are weathering the summer heat well.

Election Day for the 2022 Primary Election is August 23rd. On your ballot, along with candidates for Congress, Commissioner of Agriculture, County Judge, and School Board you will see candidates for District 2 County Commissioner. We believe this is an important election for residents of Pelican Marsh.

As you may know, the Collier County Commissioners oversee an annual county budget of about 1.65 billion dollars. The Board of Commissioners serves as the governing body of the county, sets policy and appoints a county manager to implement that policy and run the daily operations of the county.

Running for election this August 23rd is Reg Buxton. Reg has lived in Collier County for over 30 years and has been appointed or elected to multiple municipal boards. reflecting his interest in mental health access and water quality issues. His service on the Collier County Metropolitan Planning Organization has given him insight into two serious problems facing the county: Lack of affordable housing and increasing traffic and congestion. A past Naples City Councilman, Reg currently serves as the Fire Commissioner of the North Collier Fire Control and Rescue District.

Clearly, the County Commissioners must have the ability to manage a vast budget, as well as the practical knowledge of how to find solutions while collaborating with groups representing disparate interests. We believe that Reg Buxton, with his decades of experience in local and county government is the best of the candidates running for Commissioner in District 2.

We encourage you to support Reg Buxton for election to the Collier County Board of Commissioners on August 23rd.

Matt Barger, Ann de Selding, Steve Berke, Margy Caccia, Nathaniel Monks

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