Collier County Resident

Reg and Sandra Lee Buxton moved to North Naples in 1990 and fell in love with the beauty and ambiance of the County. He lived in Naples a few years and returned “home.”

“Collier County is an ideal place to forge friendships and enjoy leisure time,” says Reg. His love for the area inspired him to be a city councilman, and North Collier Fire Commissioner, and wants to continue that service to the County.


Sandra Lee and Reg can be seen around town and at many charity events. Their long and successful marriage is due in part to their support of each other and their passions.

They have both been involved in service to the community by being on Boards, committees and volunteering to help those in need. Sandra Lee and Reg are proud parents to two adult children, and grandparents of four.

Conservative Values

Reg believes in sensible growth that preserves the unique character of the Collier County and balances benefits with costs. Reg believes that creating economic opportunities and local jobs is one of the best ways to raise the standard of living for everyone in our community. He supports our county’s Smart Growth” strategy for responsible redevelopment of the county for a bright economic future while at the same time preserving the Natural resources of the community.

Reg is oriented toward projects that will benefit generations to come. “We have a great responsibility to preserve our way of life, not just for us, but for future generations as well. The actions we take today can provide rich opportunities for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.”

Keeping Collier County Safe

A primary role of government is to protect our property and person from internal and external threats. Reg has always been passionate about public safety. From the many years Reg spent serving with the American Red Cross to his current role as a volunteer leader with the Bureau of Emergency Services, Reg has been committed to our security, safety and protection. As a Collier County resident, he continues to place an emphasis on public safety.

“We must be sure that the men and women who protect the people of this county have the equipment, training and leadership that they need to maintain their high quality of service to the community. The need to equip these departments must be balanced with sensible spending so that our city and its people get the most out of every budget dollar we expend,” says Reg.

Proven Leader

Reg gives back to the community through a variety of leadership activities. “It’s my passion to serve the community,” says Reg. He is naturally drawn to community service and feels that it is his duty to help preserve our quality of life and care for our neighbors in need.

Reg has served in various governance and advisory roles on Boards, committees, councils and coalitions in Collier County and the City of Naples.

Reg is the type of leader who actively listens, then takes action to get things done. He gathers information and makes decisions based on facts, with input from experts and community members who understand the issues. Reg approaches complex community issues by building consensus. His style of leadership helps the community come together and move forward toward a brighter future.

Elect Reg to continue the bright future of the Collier County!