Platform Position #1: Public Safety

A primary role of the government is to protect the people we are elected to serve.  Keeping your family safe is a primary concern for me.  In the world in which we live, we need to be prepared for any eventuality.  Our county has public services that are second to none in our fire, EMS and sheriff departments.  We must be sure that the men and women who protect the people of Collier County have the equipment, training and leadership they need to maintain their high quality of service to the community. The need to equip these departments must be balanced with sensible spending so that our county and its people get the most out of every budget dollar we expend.

Platform Position #2: Quality of Life

Our community needs passionate and experienced leaders who will protect the quality of life that we have all come to enjoy.  The preservation of the character and integrity of the county and its neighborhoods is of critical importance to me.  I will serve the public by balancing the opportunities provided by growth with the need to protect the unique features of the county that make Collier County so special.  It is essential that we continue to have walkable communities that promote health and well-being. The opportunity for our residents and visitors to walk and bike safely allows them to more fully enjoy the beauty of our area.

Platform Position #3: Economic Development

Over the coming generations, our county will be redeveloped many times over.  I recognize the need to redevelop the area over time to meet the changing needs of the community.  In the next several years, the Collier County Commission will be responsible to decide how changes brought about by new residential housing, affordable housing and redevelopment will be implemented. As we develop the county, it creates opportunity for economic development and reduce traffic congestion which will benefit our business community and residents.  Our businesses are known throughout the world for their commitment to providing each customer with the highest level of service. I consider it a priority to nurture this passion for greatness and to support the business community in being the best it can be.  I am committed to preserving the character that makes Collier County such a unique and wonderful place to live.  Balance is the key to guide us as we advance the county for a bright economic future.  As a Collier County Commissioner it will be my commitment to the people to implement sensible growth and redevelopment.

Platform Position #4:  Natural Resources

The beaches of Naples are consistently ranked among the best in Florida and the country.  Our water, land and wildlife are special treasures that attract people from all over the world.  Our natural resources contribute to our quality of life, and they are a critical asset in tourism.  These natural resources must be protected.  The investments we make in preserving our water, land and wildlife must be financially reasonable.  The actions we take today must be considered over the short and long term.  The least expensive option for dealing with an issue may have dire consequences and negative financial impact in years to come, so each solution must be carefully considered.  When preserving our natural resources, we need to consider the best ecological methods and make sound financial investments that produce the longest lasting effects.

Platform on Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing – It is imperative and fundamental that we collaborate with public/private businesses and investors to find a solution. This is a multilayered issue and we will need an inventive approach. Consider this solution. The school district, first responder departments and hospitals already own land around the county and should consider utilizing a portion of it to build housing/apartments for their employees. Reasonable pricing could be viewed as one of the benefits of employment with those businesses. County government could assist with partial funding on these projects but it would be a limited one time investment. Government should not however be in the business of housing management.

While it can be stated that the responsibility of apartment or home ownership is the sole problem of the person who needs shelter that is, however, a narrow view in the complicated world we are currently living in. The lack of public services affects all of us and it is in the community’s best interest that we solve this matter together including exploring working with private investors as an additional option. The lack of work force housing affects all of our county citizens not just the businesses seeking to attract and retain employees.