Sensible Revitalization and Economic Growth

It is impossible to stop redevelopment, what can be done is to manage it carefully.

We have been able to this successfully.

We have built a ‘World Class City Dock “ that has replaced a very old structure.

Redevelopment not Growth

We have rebuilt the city docks, to create a “World Class City Dock “ that has replaced a very old structure .

The yachting community has embraced it and usage has done through the roof with plus business. It is was a wise, huge success.

Again not Development but Redevelopment. Make what we have better for all.

Inspiring Remake of Eroding Commercial

Eighth Street corridor a great beautiful entrance into our World renowned shopping and dining area. It’s a great way to enter that area and just as beautiful when leaving it.

Fifth Avenue How can it keep improving? Every year it shines just a littlr bit brighter than the year before.

In the last 3 years crime is down, housing values have sky rocketed, Portfolio’s have grown, Quality of Life issues have gotten better, our Pathways and Walkways are the envy of all,

It seems every time an article comes out about the best place to live or retire its NAPLES that leads the list.

This great Jewel we call home shines even brighter than before .