Improving Quality of Life

Councilman Buxton is recognized for his leadership on State and local clean water issues. He is adamant about protecting our quality of life.

This includes our water, beaches, air quality, storm water, lakes, reefs and roads sidewalks and pathway’s, all quality of life issues.

When elected we became engaged at the highest levels and expanded our knowledge on these items. Current involvement includes:

  •  Working with Congressman Rooney and Governor DeSantis in the initial stages of the no media seminar at FGCU
  • Working closely with Chauncey Goss at SWFL Water Management District to collect and spread information
  • Working with the Everglades Foundation to assist in promoting research
  • Monthly meetings with the Conservancy to hear their research and plans
  • Assisting FGCU “Water School” leaders about their research and educating the public

Storm Water

Storm water was handled by working on a project to clean up the many outfalls and get water off our streets quickly. This project is in the final permitting stage and will start soon. It is state of the art and will be a massive improvement of our current system.

I have constantly consulted and coordinated Collier County officials about our beaches. We have done years of research on our water. I have written articles on how the present handling allows every thing from the Orlando Basin to us to dump all their mis-management into Collier County and then flowing into Naples Bay and our water table.

Air Quality

I have fought the gas leaf Blowers and are at this time very close to getting an ordinance to ban them.

We have for the last 19 months ended our comments at the end of meetings with “When will we fix the Lakes?”

We are making progress.

Our Roads, Sidewalks,  and Pathways

As Chair of the Collier County MPO  I have successfully fought FDOT and their plan to have sidewalks on all the avenues down to the beach heads. There is no reason for that and my leadership stopped it in it’s tracks.

While speaking of roads as Chair of the MPO I have so far fought successfully to keep FDOT from putting Hwy 41 on a toad diet  I have had many meetings with County management about a joint City/County additional REEF placement.

I can report from my last meeting that the County is gathering REEF material and as soon as they have enough the City/County will build another REEF. This is current not long term

Our walkers and bicyclist is a long term project which has my full attention. All this leads to a higher quality of life.