Safety of Citizens Top Concern

Councilman Buxton was instrumental in the acquisition of Armored and command Center Vehicles. He also worked diligently on the design of the 8th Ave, Fire Station

The results of his initiative provided the following major items needed to protect the citizens and the emergency staff.

Hardened Vehicle

A Hardened Vehicle to use in hostage situation to move victims from harms way and that would allow SWAT Team members to get close to barricaded suspects, ( before we got this vehicle the SWAT Team road in a large van with no armor a 22 round would pierce its side) Heavily armored so our officers can approach active shooter, to help with crowd control and to use during visits of important/high value targets . (When Naples has been visited by the sitting President and Vice President)

When I was elected, they no such vehicle. In working with the Chief and persuading majority of Council that vehicle was obtained My last statement before voting on this was ” Our officers must have the best equipment to protect them as they risk their lives to protect our citizens “

Mobile Command Vehicle

When I took office the Police department had no mobile command vehicle. If they had to command a active crime all they had was a squad car that you crouched behind a open door and hide while trying to command the incident.

By working with Chief and again persuading a majority of Council we were able to get a modern Command Center with up to date communication, camera’s, data tracking and fully protect those working inside.

New Fire Station

When coming on Council the idea to build a new Fire Station 1 was under consideration. A majority of Council was very cost conscience and wanted a minimum one story station that was not hardened nor had the space needed for a Emergency Operation Area and room for all Command Staff to be in one building.

With perseverance and expert explanations showing the need for state of the art communications, the value of the city having its own permanent Emergency Operations Center, and the importance of having protective space for all of Command staff in one place.

My final statement before we voted was “ How can we expect our First Responders to risk their lives for our citizens but provide them with the cheapest building to operate from.